Monday, July 1, 2013

Sewing for the Absolute Beginner

Don't be shy.  Everyone starts somewhere.  Maybe you want to learn how to sew, but that doesn't mean you want to make an apron, a tote bag, or a pillowcase.  Or, maybe I'm wrong, and you do? Where can you go to get started?  Here's the thing.  There are lots of people out there who can teach you.  A reasonable class size can make it affordable for you to attend.  I know lots of people who are ready and willing to teach you.  So, you know what?  I'll do a survey, find out what you want to learn, and find out what teachers are ready and willing to teach.  Let's see how it all matches up!

There will be more than one survey in this series.  The first, which you'll find by clicking the link below, is to get a sense of what beginning sewers are looking for.  If you are a beginning sewer, please click below to take a quick survey.  details of survey results will be shown on this blog.

I know that we will find differences based on where you live, your age, and all of those other important factors.  This one, is just to get our feet wet.  You can live anywhere, and be anyone interested in learning to sew to take this survey.  Then, I will dissect the data, and get much more specific, until we can create some great research, data, and match-ups.


  1. I just completed the survey and look forward to your follow up post. I live near DC on the Maryland side. Thanks

    1. Great. The responses are fascinating (to me) so far!

    2. Ditto. I'm getting ready to do the survey now. I live in the suburban DC area (in MD, too). Love this blog! Have a couple of questions of the tour in October that you sponsor...(I'll ask later) :-). Thanks. :-)

      (I'm also a beginner, too)

    3. Great! You can ask any questions you like about the tour! Publicly or privately - both are fine. Could be the same question(s) someone else has!


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