Monday, August 26, 2013

Different name, but the same...

Walking along 38th Street, you'll notice  a new sign.

Elastic Wonder, Inc.
247 West 38th Street
NY, NY 10018

(212) 997-7779

For just three weeks now, Elastic Wonder has been open to the public.  I was greeted warmly by the proprietor and shown around, while they continue to work on stocking the floor. It looks new and unfinished, with a casual, no-nonsense group of fabrics, in an array of happy colors. Selling fun spandex prints, plenty of powernet, and other stuff that stretches, Elastic Wonder appears to be new on the scene.

A delightfully colorful velvety spandex fabric, better experienced in person than in a quick iPhone pic.

But are they?


Here's the challenge of NY Real Estate.  Let's say you get a 10 year lease on a great space, but no longer have a tenant?  You occupy that space yourself, because breaking a 10 year lease is ridiculously expensive in NYC.  Who owns Elastic Wonder?  None other than Spandex House.  Same prices and quality, too.  So, there ya go.

Another way to look at it...

Wanna get your powernet without climbing three flights of stairs?  At the same price?  Here ya go.


  1. I was wondering who they were when I walked past them the other day. Thanks for letting us know!

  2. Is this place just before Panda, if you're going from the P.O. towards 8th? In my notes, I had a "USA Fabric" there at one point, but had a question mark beside it.

    Panda's address is also 247, so they must be nestled together somehow.

    1. Well, I never actually bother thinking about what businesses are next to, but yes, along that same stretch. If you Google the street view, that will probably give you a picture, if that matters to ya...

  3. I have to be mindful of what's where because my time in the city is always limited. I need to map out routes for the most shopping with the least walking in the given time. Gotta fill those 8 annual boxes to ship home! :)

    Poor Google Street View of TGD is stuck in June 2011. I keep looking at it, though, because my son & I were there then...maybe we were captured for posterity? Ha!


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