Monday, August 26, 2013

Run! Don't walk... to Paron

Note: Paron has since closed...

Their big sale is almost over.  Not a gimmick.  This is for real.  I went into the store on Saturday (yup, they have Saturday hours), and was grateful for the bench in the middle of the store, because I just had to sit down. Sweaty-palmed, hyperventilating, I encountered some luscious stuff. But my pockets aren't deep enough to buy everything I lusted after. So...That's where you come in...

If you've walked along the streets of the garment district, maybe someone has handed you this flyer.  I know I've taken one, and turned down about three more in my travels since.  So, lotsa people know, but not everyone is a customer, of course.  

Let this give you an idea of what they've got:

Look at this luscious lame. (with an accent - which I can't remember how to insert right now...)

Oh, yes...

Oilcloth... really! Perry Ellis, folks.  Try to find that elsewhere... good luck!

A wonderful eyelet jacquard.  Heavenly.
So just go.  You won't regret it.


  1. ooh, this is highly upsetting news...i need to hit the district for a zipper, so i guess i'll just have to stop in :)))

    1. I know... I'll bet you wish I didn't say anything about this, right????

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  3. Well that explains that. I wondered why my fabric purchase there last month was less than I thought it would be. I thought I'd looked at the tag wrong or something. I never saw the signs, but apparently I went to that sale! LOL

    1. I was walking with you when they handed me a flyer! Wasn't I?

    2. Hmmm, not that I remember. Maybe it was that day, but we weren't together? We left Mood separately, then ran into each other @ Botani. Then we met again on 38th, where we talked about what I had bought as you were on your way to Star Snaps to pick up your "cradle" purse cover. Oh well, I got the discount anyway, flyer or not! I hope they do this every summer.

      Maybe it's best I didn't realize everything was 25% off! LOL

    3. I blame it on the heat that day, if I'm wrong! So hot you could fry a brain on the sidewalk, and maybe I did... :)


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