Thursday, August 22, 2013

Fabrics and Fabrics (and fabrics and fabrics...) and "Pretty Little Liars"...

Sometimes you just can't convey what you are TRYING to do until you do it. I cannot count the number of times I have walked into a fabric store, where a helpful salesperson tries to guide and assist me, and I just can't put it all into words.

Having visited so many fabric stores in the district now, I knew where I could find various fabrics, but I didn't want to get anything in a store where I couldn't find ALL the required components under one roof.  Enter FABRICS & FABRICS.

Have you ever heard the poem of the blind men who grope at an elephant, each one trying to figure out how to describe what he is touching?  One of them, feeling the side, surmises that it is a large wall.  Another, feeling the tail, decides that the object is a rope.  Another, after touching the tusk, decided he had encountered a spear. Turns out, I can't effectively explain just what I need the fabric to do until I show them.

All this tulle?  Will it be a tutu?

This deep poly red?  Will it be a shiny red nightie?

This smooth black fabric?  Will it be a tuxedo?

Red stitches? Will it be a roadmap?

What's under there?

Oh... could it be a parachute, perhaps?

Or the dream dress of a lovely 16 year old, who loves to watch "Pretty Little Liars"?

Just an indication... Not pressed, and the wearer is a different size/proportions than the dress form, but I've been promised pictures after the event! Special shout-out to Mandi Line who designed the original!


  1. What a fabulous interpretation of an exisiting design. Looking forward to seeing on the wearer. Congratulations on such a beautiful dress.

  2. Love your version of Aria's dress. My daughter's use to watch it at my house, and you kinda get caught up in it. What a beautiful dress! Someone is very lucky to be receiving it.

    1. I've tried to watch it, but learned you need to watch a recap to get your feet wet. I know parents like to watch it along with their kids, so I'm very curious...

  3. Lovely, Mimi! I don't watch that show, so I don't get the reference, but you've done a great job on that dress! I like your elephant analogy. :)

  4. I saw the "parachute" picture & thought you had taken that umbrella course at City Quilter! :D


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