Sunday, July 28, 2013


I've been exploring lots of creative ideas for projects lately, loving artistic ideas inspired by my own dressmaking clients, their requests, and beautiful things I've seen in fabric stores.  The world of digital printing has really taken a creative leap, with some of the garment district stores offering really amazing panel prints and spectacularly rich images on fabric.

First2Print did the printing for  a custom pop-tab themed room for "Extreme Makeover Home Edition" see the bedroom at 37:20 in the video linked here

So, in my quest for creative digital prints, I became intrigued by  First2Print, a company I recently noticed, after visiting their Facebook page.

To my surprise, I have learned that you can be just an individual, only wanting to produce one sample or project, and you can enlist the services of First2Print for your digital printing.  You only need to order a 1 yd minimum (using in stock fabrications), and an average turnaround time of 7-10 business days for beautiful, professional work.

Serving the apparel, accessories, home, costumes (they printed the "Spiderman 3" costumes for Spiderman and Venom), and other product markets, the company gives artists and graphic designers a wonderful way to showcase their images.  Now, this is not an inexpensive endeavor, but really doable and worth the expense for the right project!  (I'm thinking curtains, here.)

What you do:

Save your file as TIF, and make sure the resolution of your image meets their requirements. Create your color index and provide dimensions and design placement instructions. (They consult on all of this) Choose your fabric from those offered by First2Print (paying attention to the printable widths!) 

What they do:

They consult with you, advising you on the best way to present your image to them, and any variables to consider. They help you decide which will present your image best for your project. A range of fabric choices including silks, cottons, jerseys, and polys are available from their in stock  All fabric is steamed, washed, and dried to be permanent.

This is not a place to casually visit, but if you want to meet and consult with digital printing professionals, this is the place to go! 

45 West 36th Street
2nd Floor
New York, NY 10018


  1. I knew about Spoonflower, but not this place. Thanks!

  2. Cool. I had the same question as QuiltB. How does this place compare with Spoonflower?

  3. I enjoyed a presentation by Spoonflower recently and got their swatch card. Their fabrics are cotton, linen, silk, or those blends. Looks like First2Print has more fabric choices. And of course, they're in NYC, where all wonderful things are. :)

  4. They are an entirely different service than Spoonflower. They both print fabric, but this is a significantly higher-end service. Visit their Facebook page to see examples of what they do.

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