Thursday, July 25, 2013

Stoll Fashion & Technology Knitting Center New York (more yarn love)

Stoll works with some of New York’s most respected and influential designers in the industry, to name a few are Calvin Klein, Zac Posen, Cushnie Et Ochs, Ralph Lauren, Sophie Theallet, Doori, Freemans Sporting Club, and much more, as well as emerging designers and even students from the leading fashion schools.
- a portion of the company description, in their own words, from Stoll FTNY

If you've walked past this place (as I have done, many, many times), you might have wondered exactly what it is.  The front window looks like a corporate museum space, and whether or not to enter may place a casual observer in a bit of a quandary.

Is it open to the public?  It certainly doesn't look public.

A sophisticated operation, with signs in the window announcing a sample sale?  Where are the samples?  What kind of samples?

So I entered. I was warmly welcomed by the staffers at the front desk.  No pressure.  "Look around!"

Inside this cavernous space were a few racks and shelves of knitted clothing and accessories.  From high-end to highly creative, to just plain cute, there were samples available to purchase.  Beautiful things, really, at a variety of price points, although you likely wouldn't consider the prices pocket change. I couldn't really characterize the grouping as anything but "eclectic", really, but the word "inspiring" is appropriate here as well.

As you move through the room, there is an exhibit of some truly innovative knitted "denim" pieces.  Trust me, you need to see them to understand. Click this link to see what I mean.  It really looks like the "future" of clothing in a collection, dontcha think?

So, what do they do?  Well, the answer to this question gets complicated.  They work with the small guys and the big guys.  It is all aimed at professionals of any size, but the information, sample items for purchase, and inspiration are available to you as an individual.  In business since 1873, they have  a truly vast pattern library for both research and educational purposes.  Beyond the fashion industry, they create textiles for medical uses, upholstery, conductive fabrics, composites and industrial fabrics.  Get your samples made here, consut with knowleageable staff, and open your eyes to new possibilities. In a nutshell, this visit gave me the impression that knitwear is more important to the future of clothing than I realized.  If nothing else, for aspiring and current knitwear designers, it certainly will help to get your visions realized!  The exhibit space with conference/consultation rooms is wonderful. And frankly, when it comes to new designs and ideas,  if you've never seen them, how would you even know they could ever be done?

The Stoll website gives the full story.  Interested? Settle in - there's a lot of info to read there!

Stol Fashion & Technology Knitting Center
250 West 39th Street
New York, NY 10018

212-398 FTNY(3869)

Open Mon-Friday 9am - 5:30pm

By the way... they also rent this amazing space for private events.

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