Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The cradle

I'll start with the reveal.  Slouchy leather inner bag, with a firm outer "cradle".  This is not one bag, but, potentially 10 (more, if I go crazy!), since I can change the cradle as my whims dictate! 

While I could go on and on about the details, the mistakes, the challenges... in the immortal words of Sweet Brown, "Ain't nobody got time fuh dat!"  (Just YouTube it if you don't know... yes, complete nonsense) So here goes...

My new bag, below:

I had been long inspired by this illustration, in a sewing book from the late 1800's...

Featuring this divine matelasse from Elliott Berman Textiles ...

Note: It was the fabric from Elliott Berman that cried out to me to make this bag. I adore the look and texture of this fabric, and just felt it should never hide from anyone, EVER.

Some fabulous, soft leather from Mood...

And this fabric I used as a lining from Truemart

Grommets/eyelets added at Star Snaps

Lampo zipper from Botani

Assembled bag, with removable "cradle"
The cradle slides through the reinforced base, which is permanently secured to the bag.  The handles travel through the grommets on the cradle, and are attached to the exterior of the leather bag.  The straps are removable, to allow coordination with different cradles.

Not easy, not cheap... but for about $140 worth of materials, and any other fabrics I may want to incorporate in the future, I can make as many bags as I like.  So, while I am not a person who buys pricey bags (and this one, in materials AND labor, if made for a client, would be quite pricey!), it becomes quite a bargain once I've made 5 or more of them!

By the way, it is HILARIOUS to see it all in just a few simple pictures here, compared to how many fits and starts it took to make it!
Side note: Another great strap option for a different "cradle".  These straps are sold at Joyce Trimming. 

So, whaddya think?  I'm interested in the full spectrum of comments, so feel free to say what improvements you think you would make as well!

Wanna fabric shop with me?  Come along on a Speakeasy tour!

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