Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Yarn love

In NYC (and so many other places), it has been hot as heck this summer.  In this weather, it is easy to lose sight of the fact that fall/winter and the holiday season will come again, bringing a need for coziness, warmth, soft sweaters, hats, blankets, and all those other comfy things we love.  I need not tell you that the time to start scoping out your supplies for those things is nigh.

So, let's say you want to buy some yarn or needlework supplies...

Decades of shopping in the garment district have made me blind to the offerings upstairs at Daytona Trimming.  If you venture up the staircase, you will see a wonderfully organized space, full of yarn, publications, and related tools.  Yup.  Right there in the garment district. Another fun choice for yarn and related basic supplies is the Fashion Design Bookstore at FIT.

This is great for the person who just wants to some buy yarn in the garment district.

But... maybe you have greater yarn ambitions... and have an addiction to feed...

Like... if you're really serious, and up for a leisurely stroll (weather and energy permitting!) or a quick subway, cab, or bus ride (assuming a Garment District starting point), you can go to the Lion Brand Yarn Store!

Note: You may also want to be aware of the Lion Brand Outlet in Carlstadt, NJ.

Oh... and this Lion Brand store has a Men's Night.  How great is that?

Oh... wait... you don't love to knit or crochet?  Oh, maybe you love KNITS, then... See my next post, coming up very shortly!


  1. While you're in the cab or the subway (NQR from Garment District), don't forget to go to Purl in Soho, too! Front half of store yarn, back half fabric, great selection of imported everything, cool linen threads, Chinese knotting cord, great vintage-style dressmaking pins (3-4 kinds), trims, needlework supplies, you name it! Been following them since they were 2 separate stores near Houston St. I don't knit but Purl is always a NYC destination for me, because I will definitely find something my hands can use!

    1. That is another choice! Purl has been mentioned on this blog, too, but for their crafting and quilting supplies, mainly.

  2. I think it feels good & "yarny" at Purl, now that the 2 stores have combined. Their class schedule is loaded with knitting classes, too.

    What about going to Kinokuniya book store on 6th, across from Bryant Park, if you're in The GD and you knit? They have needlecraft books/magazines, many from Japan. Around the World magazine store on 37th might also be worth popping into.


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