Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Elliott Berman Textiles...

Buckle your seatbelts, folks...  

On my birthday, after attending the David Kelley Talk, I hopped over to the garment district to curate the goods available in the stores I wanted to recommend to my Speakeasy participants.  With the wonderful assistance of Eugenia (below), I found beautiful things at Elliott Berman Textiles. (I was also wearing one of my favorite tops that day!)

I looked at all they had to offer, as their beautiful selection of fabrics grows, and I found some truly exciting things!  Among them, a new collection of organic scarves.  Yes, you heard me correctly - scarves - you can simply wear them just as they are (and they are breathtaking), or you can use them as border yardage on other projects.  A perfect way to make a border for a skirt, tunic, or home dec project, these jacquard weaves are quite elegant, and unusual in color combinations and textures. This is a collection you need to see in person to truly appreciate.

The prevailing themes at E.B. right now are double-faced fabrics, really exciting COLORS and prints, and rich textures.  The wools are out of this world (don't wait until Fall to buy them), and the knits are wildly exciting, too.  Go see them. The quality and resilience of their knits is particularly stellar.

The pictures below (my personal favorites) represent a mere sampling of what beautiful fabrics await you at Elliott Berman right now...

So... there's this black and white basketweave (above) that just sings when seen in a wide expanse or yardage.

I imagine it becoming something like this... (Simplicity 2444 photo below, with edging in a bright, very saturated pop of color).

What colors... oh the colors!

More exciting colors!

blah, blah, blah (meaning, who cares what words I can put to this... the pictures tell you all you need to know!)

Double faced knit

This double faced knit came home with me...

Inspired by this photo (below - can you picture it?) - a contradiction of a casual shirt - using the reverse as a tuxedo-like "dickie" on a very plain shape. i'll have to show the finished product for you to see what I mean, I think...

blah blah blah - who cares?  Again, no words do them justice - just Look at these pictures!

A shimmery denim you really have to feel and see for yourself to know its magic...

A double-faced denim... hmmm....
This (above) could be a two-tone reversible denim jacket for Fall - (I have a unique design idea for reversible pockets in mind for this one) with flat-fell seaming, to make it all flow.

Basic idea,  a masculine looking men's jacket, but for  for me... a woman!

So, all in all, found some great things at Elliott Berman, and I suggest you go there, too!  They are open Monday through Friday only, and are located in an office building.  Take the elevator to the 7th floor and go to your right.  Read this primer before your visit, because the setup is unusual, and it is best to be prepared...

Elliott Berman Textiles

225 W. 35th Street, 7th floor

New York, NYC

Not in New York?  Visit the website! And... be sure to tell us what you found there!


  1. LOVE elliot berman, eugenia (& the whole atmosphere) really is a delight. i was there last week with two lovely ladies--i lusted after three of those shots-- the technicolor prints and the neon green (lucky lady). quite brattily, another floral knit i swooned over came home with me!

    1. Oh, yes! I know! (I saw you in a shot on someone else's blog about their trip to EB also!) If budget were no object, there were MANY things that would have come home with me... We are seeing eye to eye on the Elliott Berman vibe right now!


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