Friday, May 30, 2014

Felted wool throw... or a great "lazy girl's quilt"

This felted wool throw just melts me.  Click through for a link to the faqs and how-to info.

Just look at it.

I really do crave such a throw.  Something you can make, elegant enough to toss on the sofa, while still looking stylish... sweet enough to still look adorable when snuggling up at an outdoor event.

And a true alternative to knitting one... which could probably be awesome (and a portable project), since you would only be creating squares of various colors and patterns...


I'll never have enough old sweaters or scarves around to make this work, and I don't feel inclined to knit a bunch of squares.  I guess I could ask my family members if they have old sweaters they are ready to part with... or I could go to...

NY Elegant!  They have such a lovely collection of cut and sew knits, that I could do something awesome to fill in the rest of the throw with what that store has to offer, and they won't unravel on me!  Yes, it's a pricey way to do things... expect to spend in the vicinity of about $50/yd on this, but you won't need too many yards, and it will last you for the long haul!  I'm an extremist, I know... Would make a great gift, too!

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  1. Oh my that looks very comfortable. Thanks for sharing.


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