Thursday, May 22, 2014

Speakeasy testimonials

I really love it when people tell me what a great time they had on a Speakeasy tour.  They are truly fun to lead, and, as time goes on, far more interactive, since I can now shift on the fly, according to the interests and vibe of the group. I love that I know the backstory on so many of the businesses in the district, can introduce people to each other in a way that is genuine and warm, share stories, and make friends.  The tours give me much more than they take outta me.  And believe me, we are ALL tired at the end of a Speakeasy tour! I particularly love it when we have my touring partner Cindy along, because she just has a wealth of experience, stories, and ideas that are always endlessly helpful to our participants.

Here are some words some past participants have shared with me after their tours...

You know, it was nice connecting with other sewists on the speakeasy. There doesn’t seem to be that many around!Now that I’ve started sewing again, my friends keep asking… did you make that? And I’ve started to say “yes!”. Kind of cool.
I had picked up a white swirl on black background, kind of a loud print- made golf pants out of it- fantastic.I won’t see anyone else dressed like me!

C.L. (2012 tour participant)

Again- I cannot tell you what that first tour meant. To be able to go back to those people and place orders via phone, be extended the courtesy of periodic swatch deliveries etc. has been amazing.  

T.R. - (2013 tour participant - manufacturer, sourcing in NYC!) 

Thanks for the fun on Saturday! I got a lot out of the day and am looking forward to sewing up some things and planning another trip down! 
M.R. (May 17, 2014 tour participant) 

And thank you for the fabulous speakeasy map! I had a total blast in the Garment District. 

C.R. (May 17, 2014 tour participant)

I had a wonderful time in the Garment District with you and the gang on Sat. Just wish I could do that a bit more often.....
C.C. - (May 17, 2014 tour participant)

 At this point, I have one more Speakeasy tour on the schedule this year.  I will happily add more, if my schedule allows, and interest merits it.  Updated Speakeasy tour schedules and map ordering information can be found here on the blog, and individual, special group, or themed tours can always be requested, using the contact information found on that page.

I wish you all a very creative day!

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