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NYC Fabric Store Review: Metro Textiles

Repost: Original post 7/18/12
Still true (and updated): 05/08/14

Address: 265 West 37th Street, Suite 908, New York, NYC
Phone: 212-209-0004
Hours: Monday - Friday, 8 am to 6 pm
Best for: Any creative person with a keen eye

As you probably already know, the garment district is a bootstrapper's land of opportunity.  A wonderful place for people to claw their way up in business, working hard, providing quality service, and building relationships; and that is how many long-established businesses are staying strong in this dismal economy.

Metro Textiles was once reviewed on this blog a few years ago.  I am adding more info and a different perspective from the earlier post.

Kashi, as he is known in the Garment District, has got to be the warmest fabric store owner/host I've ever met.  A kind and loving personality, his hard work putting together the vast offerings in his crowded shop is evident from the moment you walk inside.  To better understand just who this mystery fabric man is, let me share with you, a little story he shared with me.

Long ago, as a young man in his home country, he lacked the fare to travel from his home to the university, so he would hitchhike to school. One day, he was picked up by a successful professor who turned to him along the way and said, "You know, I didn't pick you up for your beautiful eyes." After a pause, and some confusion on Kashi's part, he elaborated, "I remember a time when I was a poor student. Someone helped me, and now, I am paying back the kindness shown to me."

This is Kashi's philosophy.  And his personality.  You feel it in your interaction with him.  

A surprisingly busy and cheerful man, it appears he will give you all the time and info you need,  despite the ringing phone, and people constantly calling his name, with a warm patience you can't help but feel comforted by.  

He became an accidental fabric vendor about 12 years ago.  Kashi got into the fabric business because it seemed like something he could do to earn money, and his good eye for quality fabrics that will sell has really paid off.  With the regular advice of some advising designers, he uses his gut to choose fabrics, and then offers them at extremely fair prices.  Look around a bit, and you're sure to fall in love with something. I'd bet you money.

The store is quite crowded, without much walking space, but if bolts just jump out at you, like they do for me, it is a fun adventure!  Not only that, Kashi does most of his business with repeat customers.  Why? He builds relationships with people.  Once you go, you will be happy you did. And you'll be back.

By the way, he'll even ship your fabric home for you, so don't worry about how heavy your  bags are...

A collaboration with George of International Pleating has given some fabrics a new life as beautifully pleated lengths of fabric you can use for appropriate projects!

The above fabric has a very boldly colorful print, that tells a different story when pleated!  Examples of pleated fabrics hang from the ceilings of Kashi's fabric-filled room. (a fan was blowing the pleats back and forth - we're having a heatwave, ya know, so it was tough to capture a reasonably good picture, but you get the idea.) Unless you've been living under a rock, you have probably noticed that pleats are all the rage these days.

Check out his blog for more info... (As if you need any more convincing to just go there.)

And there you have it, folks.  Yet another reason to go "upstairs" in the garment district.

Psst... by the way, if you have plans to come shop in the Garment District soon, whether you are a New Yorker or not, click here...


  1. YES! It's so nice to see Kashi get some love. I generally need to be babied when I fabric shop, which rules out a whole ton of overwhelming but otherwise fabulous stores; Metro Textiles is perfect. I can only allow myself to go a few times a year because I basically binge on fabric and wake up in the gutter muttering about charmeuse. Kashi and the good people at Paron really make the Garment District feel like a community.

  2. Literally laughing out loud at the "mumbling in the gutter" comment!

  3. What a nice story about Kashi! I'm pretty sure he is the most gregarious person in the garment district.

  4. I just bought so much amazing and really affordable fabric here today, and the owner was the friendliest, most helpful person ever. I never in a million years would have known about that place if it weren't for this site. Thank you!

    1. So happy to hear that! Kashi is the best. Thank you for the feedback!

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