Tuesday, September 4, 2018

What happened to the tours?

I will still offer private ones, but will no longer coordinate group tours for the time being.  Interest has been unreasonably light, but I've also been busy!

So... if a picture is worth a thousand words, what is this collection worth? A visit to Elliott Berman... (or visit their Instagram, if you prefer) you will be unable to resist!

Speakeasy maps - updated and improved - and... what does the future hold?

As the district changes, so does the blog, and the maps!  I've been chronicling how it has all changed over time, and I am still excited to do just that!

There have been many speakeasy map updates.  I've been going through, refreshing descriptions of stores, deleting and adding as the landscape continues to change. 

Remember that it is always possible to do the equivalent of a speakeasy tour yourself, on your own schedule!  I can help you narrow down your list if you want to fit it all into a certain timeframe. Just ask me!