Monday, September 23, 2013

Gray Lines Linen... or is it Gray Line Linen?

There are no pictures with this post, and, believe me,  I defer to the company's own website photos for this, which give a great impression of the store's  layout and offerings, and are better than mine would be. True to my responsible blogging philosophy, I offer this store as a suggested addition to your garment district  explorations.

Last week, I walked into Gray Lines Linen, (notice that the store signage reads "Gray Lines", while the website reads "Gray Line") with no idea what to expect. Linen isn't necessarily "my thing", so I didn't understand why one store would be dedicated to linens only, and I had never sought this store out specifically. Why did I go in? I had an inquiry from a person who was looking to make liturgical garments. Apparently, this is the go-to source if you want to make traditional, quality garments for clergy. They absolutely have what she needed. The staff was exceptionally personable and knowledgeable, giving me full information on the products they offer, and enthusiastically extended a business card to me for future reference. 

Gray Line Linen

260 W 39th Street, Store #4

New YorkNY 10018-4410

M-F 9-6:30

Sat 10-5:30 


As for the basics (this is their own description):

"Gray Line Linen, offers 5 different types of solid linens: handkerchief linens, warsa linens, barry linens, judy linens, and yarn dye linens. The width of each linen is 58/60". Due to the natural characteristics of linens, colors are subject to variations.

At Gray Line Linen, we have been providing linens and fabrics to customers across the country for more than 20 years. During this time, we have earned a highly favorable reputation for our amazing prices, our fantastic customer service, and our beautiful linen designs."

Used for upholstery, apparel, bed sheeting, table runners, etc., linen certainly has more variety than I first realized.  From the most formal, sedate, traditional offerings, to the more fashionable, colorful, and textural ones, the store is extremely well organized and tidily presented. Be sure to visit their website for more information.

My impression as a shopper in this store:

Gray Line has a very clear view of who they are and who they serve.  You'll notice that there are no wasted words on their website. Since this is a very no-nonsense business without cute stories or gimmicks, this is the place for you if you know what you need.  Employees are eager to help or explain/describe the products to anyone with a plan in mind.