Tuesday, October 30, 2012

After Hurricane Sandy...

"There were more than 200,000 “customers” without power in Manhattan alone, Con Ed reported, with most of Manhattan below 39th Street dark. There was no timetable to getting the lights back on.
"This will be one for the record books," John Miksad, Con Ed VP of electric operations, told reporters Monday night. "This will be the largest storm related outage in our history."
There are 670,000 customers without power in all of New York City, with 230,000 in Manhattan, 73,000 on Staten Island, 140,000 in Brooklyn and Queens, 38,000 in Bronx and the rest in Westchester. By comparison, there were 200,000 customers down for Irene.
Power could be out for a week, he said."

-Wall Street Journal, Oct 30, 2012

Okay, so here we are.  The devastation, images, and news stories are just incredible.  The mood in this city is somber, but my family and I are 100% fine, with all utilities working, no property damage, and all is well for us.  Tough to celebrate that when so many near us are in VERY different circumstances today.
As this relates to the Speakeasy tour scheduled for this Friday, November 2, I will give alternative dates, from which the registered participants may choose, since I think proceeding with the tour this Friday will make travel and shopping difficult (or impossible) for may of you.  If anyone registered for this tour would still like to shop this Friday, happens to already be here in NYC, and if the stores are open, and travel and electricity are both possible then, you just let me know you're still game, and, as long as I can get to the garment district, I would still take you shopping.  

There are many "ifs" in that sentence, but "ifs" are all we've got right now, huh?