Friday, October 5, 2012

Mood offers sewing classes... Didjaknow that?

Did you know you can take classes at Mood?  As you know, since moving on to Mood Fabrics, the former owner of this blog is making sure everyone knows big things are a'happenin' on Mood's ever-improving website! When chatting with Meg one day, she let me know that the classes can also be found on their website, which I hadn't noticed before! I had previously only seen the signs in the store advertising classes... So, while looking at their class offerings online, I came across this one, which is one I'm sure many of you would find interesting. Click through for details on this class and more....

How to Sew Knits Like a Pro

Here's the "Psst..." part - The classes are affordable, small, and taught by people who really know their stuff... There are others, but this one speaks to a particular subject I know is a challenge for so many!

Now, of course Mood offers knit fabrics, and their wool knits are especially appealing right now.

Here are some other places to get some great knits right now:

Kashi at Metro Textiles has some knits I scouted out on our Speakeasy tour that are just TO DIE for at the moment.

B&J fabrics. Seriously. Yes, it has a reputation for being expensive. But they've got plenty of really wonderful cotton stretch knits that are so completely AFFORDABLE right now...

Happy shopping!