Friday, October 26, 2012

Ivy Style exhibit at FIT... oh wait... a book fair!

Although I had known about the exhibit for quite some time, I just managed to go visit the FIT museum recently, to experience the Ivy Style exhibit.  I wasn't particularly jazzed to see this one, since I don't really get the aesthetic, the meaning, the significance... even after reading the blurbs on the walls of the exhibit, and supporting information.

However, I will say it was beautifully curated, and the design of the exhibit itself was a beautiful display. But I just wasn't into the clothes. That Thom Browne did do some interesting modern interpretations, though... I must say that was pretty cool! So is his website.  Definitely worth a visit!

But, after it was all said and done, I found out about something else at FIT.

Did you know there was a three-day book fair going on? The description and mission are clearly explained here.

Now, this is something that really jazzes me... wish I had known to plan for this fair. It does have a fee, but, apparently, you can also pay at the door!  Because it doesn't start until tonight, you can actually still go, and not miss a second of it!