Monday, October 22, 2012

Getting into the holiday season...

You know the phrase "Everything s/he touches turns to gold"?

Well, what word would you use to replace "gold", when you are having just the opposite experience? Yeah, me too...

So I'm resting my hands for a bit. When it comes to clients that is...

After taking a rest, I will embrace my inner "Selfish Seamstress"(I loved that blog, for those who know who I am talking about.  I miss her terribly.), and sewing for just me and mine for a little while, so I can do the quality of work I want to do, within the budget and timeframe I need to complete it.  Sound selfish?  Well, it isn't, because I will share on the blog, and you all will benefit.

Part of my thinking here, is that every year I scramble around to earn enough to buy wonderful gifts for friends and relatives, and every year I fall short on time, energy, and money.  And suddenly, a bell went off in my head. Guess what the equivalent is? Make the things you can, and carefully plan the rest, keeping the budget low, with enough time to spare before Christmas.  In my case, that means I'll stop the flow of client work, and finish LAST YEAR'S gifts this year.  I know I'm not alone on this.  Chime in on this folks, so I'll know I'm not crazy. Your comments of support will be much appreciated. Seriously.

So yes.  I know EXACTLY where to get the fabrics I need, and they are waiting for me out there in the garment district right now.  Today's shopping and speculating trip is delayed due to exhaustion, and I expect to be back in full swing tomorrow.

Over the past year or two, I have amassed quite a spectacular stash, in terms of quality and beauty, and I cannot wait to turn those fabrics into the items I have planned for them.  I have even managed to finish a TEN year quilt project this fall, and am very pleased to see that it has finally come to fruition.  One of the work hazards of writing this blog, is that I see and am inspired by so much, I just can't stop dreaming and creating!

So here we go, folks... Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas or Hanukkah.  That's plenty to take in for all of you who celebrate!  I am inspired by such an eclectic bunch of things, that it makes no sense when you roll them all together. My son wants to dress in a similar costume as the one I made for client's child some time ago.
Two years ago, I made a crazy dinosaur costume for a toddler, using fabrics I found at NY Elegant.

And it had scaly feet you could attach with elastic cord over the child's shoe.

These are the kinds of projects I love to do when the clock is not ticking in an oppressive way, and I need that freedom just about now...

And, on a final note, yes, you can still come on the November 2 Speakeasy tour!  I will accept more participants, if you want to join in!  Details can be found by following this link!